Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow doesn't keep vounteers away!

Marine Exhibit on December 18th, 2008

View from the beach in Fort Worden State Park.

With a high predicted of 29 degrees Fahrenheit today, our dedicated "home crew" volunteers showed up despite the plethora of snow and below freezing temperatures to clean the tanks and feed the animals in the Marine Exhibit. Liza had to spend 20 minutes this morning unfreezing the lock on the outside of our building! Thursday volunteers consist of 4-5 regulars and are sometimes joined by others who choose to volunteer for the day. Week after week our "home crew" volunteers show up to roll their sleeves up, get dirty and find satisfaction in cleaning and caring for the animals in our tanks. Once you get the tricks of the trade down, cleaning can become fun and even satisfying as the monotony and meticulous nature of the work engulfs your thoughts and lets you "escape" for two hours. We would never be able to function, yet alone facilitate everything we do, without the generous support from our volunteers who are more than willing to help in any way possible. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We love you for it!

Bill cleaning the round tank like a trooper.

Bill happily working away!

Betty cleaning shells out of Touch Tank Two.

Betty can tell you how to keep your gloves looking nice and new!

Sandy siphoning Touch Tank 3.

I can't imagine how Sandy managed to do this without gloves on in this cold weather!

Joe doing what he does best.

Liza prepping the food to feed to the animals.

All photos in this post taken by Allison Gravis

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  1. Bbbbrrrrrr!! That IS dedication--no doubt about it. Glad all the animals are surviving the cold OK, but then the water temp probably hasn't changed all that much, just the air. I love snow on the beach. Good times!


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