Saturday, April 4, 2009

Carving a home out of rock

Don't you wish you could carve a home in a nice little rocky area burrowing down amongst chitons, crabs and nudibranchs...then again maybe Liza and I only dream about such things? One of our very dedicated volunteers sent us an article published by The New York times about Sea Urchin Teeth. Click on the article to read a synopisis of how Sea Urchins are able to grind down limestone without grinding down their teeth!

Our Marine Exhibit is now open for regular Spring Hours: Fri-Sun 12pm-4pm.
In our exhibit you will find Sea Urchins. Perhaps if you are lucky, or if you ask nicely, you will get to see a picture of kelp grazed upon by Sea Urchins. (They make star shapes while they eat since they have 5 teeth).

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