Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy AmeriCorps Week!

Who are those young AmeriCorps members that help staff and run the educational programs/exhibits at the PTMSC year after year? We’re glad you asked! Those young whippersnappers are part of a group lovingly dubbed “The AmeriCorps generation.”

Corps members benefit from individual placements by gaining helpful job experiences and useful trade skills. During a normal stint of service (usually about 10 and 1/2 months) AmeriCorps Members receive health insurance, a modest living stipend, qualify for public assistance (such as food stamps and energy assistance), and receive an education award of $4,725.00 to help pay for college or student loans.

May 9th-12th is AmeriCorps week! Hence, we are celebrating by recognizing the great impact AmeriCorps has had on our own non-profit, the PTMSC.

Want to see more of what the PTMSC AmeriCorps do? Click play on the video below.


  1. Love the video. NOW I know what you guys do all day.

  2. We love you AmeriCorps!! You guys are just the best and we couldn't survive without you!

  3. The Americorps group is the backbone of the PTMSC, making it a fish instead of a jelly. Your energy and creative ideas are wonderful. Nancy F

  4. Thank you so much, Dad, Christina, and Nancy! We appreciate your comments on the blog, especially when the comments include compliments. Thanks for everything!

  5. What, no footage of cleaning the intakes?? :)
    Nice video, and I like the blog too, it brings back so many fond (and some smelly) memories! You all work so hard!

    -Caroline (PTMSC summer intern/trailer-dweller 2008)

  6. Well, we did take a video, but then we got new winches for the intakes! Can you believe it only takes us 15 minutes to clean the intakes now?! It's amazing!


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