Friday, March 19, 2010

Snorkel adventure!

It's almost spring time which means we are decorating our tanks for the re-opening of our marine exhibit! Each winter, the acrylic tanks are emptied and cleaned inside and out. The tanks are then designed and we go out and collect animals to go in each tank. This year we decided to go snorkeling under our pier! There are lots of pilings around our pier that make great habitats for sea anemones, sea stars, crabs, and fish. Here is a video of what we found! We look forward to showing these new tanks and critters to the public starting April 2nd!

The sunflower star that we caught lost a few legs in the process so we decided to dissect them...don't worry sunflower stars can re-grow their legs!

What crazy and cool critters we have in our Puget Sound area!

Lab Coordinator

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  1. I really enjoyed this video. You are all doing great work! Very interesting and fun to watch. Music was a treat!


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