Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy World Ocean Day!

World Ocean's Day is now officially recognized on June 8th. This day gives us a chance to appreciate and reflect about the importance of our ocean waters and impact that we have on it. It's our chance to give back in any way that we can, through outreach, education, beach clean-ups, or songs. In celebration of World Ocean Day the folks at PTMSC organized a beach clean-up. With the help of sixteen fabulous volunteers we collected trash from over a mile of Fort Worden State Park!

                       Chrissy, Heather, Julia  and volunteers Luther and  Todd  find a plastics hotspot
Reasons why we love the oceans: 
  • It gives us oxygen to breathe
  • We find peace around it
  • Provides food for us
  • Holds unknown mysteries
  • Its beauty
  • Helps regulate our climate
  • Amazing sea life!
All of the trash found down a mile long stretch of beach
All of the plastic fragments
                     A cap o' caps                                                                                     Tons o' straws 
                Interesting finds                                                                                  Plastic rainbow of color

Do You Hear It?

The ocean is breathing, do you hear it?
Its soft breath rolls with every wave.
It crashes upon the sandy beach
Making its mark upon the shore.

The ocean is whispering, do you hear it?
It soft voice is a melody of the wind across the water.
It whistles silently through our minds
Making its mark upon our souls.

The ocean is calling, do you hear it?
The sweet sound of life beneath.
It calls to you, it calls to me
Making its mark upon our hearts.

The ocean is weeping, do you hear it?
The silent cries rise from the deep.
It pleads for us to save it
Making its mark upon our conscience.

Will you help it? Do you hear it?
The voice so sweet and gentle.
All it asks is that you help
And keep its breath safe from harm.

~Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover's Soul

Ocean, we just wanted to say that we appreciate you. What do you appreciate about our oceans?

Valerie Lindborg
Lab Coordinator


Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover's Soul


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