Monday, November 15, 2010

Releasing the Queen

Dear Persephone,

In Greek mythology your name means the "Queen of the Underworld." Although you were a little deviant at times, you were definitely the queen of our hearts. You were a great octopus and we loved having you at our center!

We remember when we first got you from our friends on Whidbey Island last September. You were barely the size of a golf ball. It seems like only yesterday that you were hiding in the back of your tank,  shy and unsure... but look at you now! After a year of love from our visitors and volunteers and plenty of food you have grown to over 3 feet long!

Thank you Persephone for keeping us entertained during Homecrew, dancing with us, and reminding us how fascinating ocean creatures are! Good luck in the big blue!

~PTMSC staff and volunteers

Aspiring marine biologist enamored with Persephone

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  1. Moved to tears - how wonderful! Thank you for doing the video so we could see how excited Perseph was to go home! She boogied right out of the transport device (old ice chest!)

    Signed: Octopus Groupie (KDe)


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