Friday, November 5, 2010

You say good-bye, I say hello

Fall is in full swing here in Port Townsend. The leaves are changing colors, the Orcas are coming through, and wool socks are being worn. Usually with the start of fall the old AmeriCorps leave and new ones come in to take their place. This year however is different; all four AmeriCorps members will be returning for a second term at PTMSC.

Julia, Heather, Jess and Valerie are all super excited to come back and be part of PTMSC for another year.

Some of our extra goals for this year will be:
*Getting a running start on the Gull Bolus project
*Organizing 20+ years of beach seine data
*Participating in the Orca articulation for our Orca Project
*Gain more experience and knowledge in teaching classes

Sadly with our great big "Hello again!" we have to say "Goodbye" and a big thank you to our Summer and Fall interns. Thank you Claudia, Flor and Callie for all your hard work and for holding down the center while we were gone!

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs highlighting this years season in the marine exhibit and the release of our giant pacific octopus Persephone!
PTMSC Lab Coordinator

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