Friday, October 7, 2011

Fog Blog

Have you missed us?
Sorry we've been out of touch.
I guess we've been lost in the fog.

My experience with sea fog was minimal before moving to the Pacific Northwest.  Now the presence of it almost feels comforting.  In the morning when I hear the fog horns out over the water while I lie in bed, I await the call from my rowing friends to let me know it is too foggy to go out.  For me, fog feels like an opportunity to slow down and become more intrigued with my surroundings.  Everything looks much more mysterious in the fog.

Photo by: ellieericsonphotography
Why do we experience fog in Port Townsend? 
Where does the fog come from?
Most of the fog we see in PT is a form of advection fog that occurs at sea (more commonly known as sea fog).  Advection fog forms when air travels over a surface with a temperature below the dew point of the traveling air.  Here in Port Townsend this occurs when warm air on land (when we have warm air on land) moves out over the colder ocean.  This is the reason we see fog during our warmest months (typically July-September).

As we rapidly transition into the Fall, we say, "hello" to the rain and "good-bye" to the fog.

We'll be in touch soon,

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