Monday, July 30, 2012

Imagining the next 30

When Judy and Libby founded the Marine Science Center in 1982, they had no idea their dream would manifest so concretely, last for 30 years or have the impacts and the durability PTMSC is know for. Let’s imagine the next 30 years, because in a blink of the proverbial eye we’ll reach 2042.

Will our touch tanks teach people how to ‘farm’ food, as well as teach about marine life?   Will we be growing algae in our lab to demonstrate carbon sequestration?  Will we learn to communicate with whales?

How will schools change?  Will community kids:
  • Process that algae at PTMSC on Monday?
  • Learn navigation and vessel handling on Tuesday since goods are being moved around by flex-fueled and sailing vessels?
  • Work the land on Wednesday growing food year around and helping watersheds support a diversity of species?
  • Focus on health and wellness on Thursdays by helping in health care facilities and mentoring with physicians of all disciplines;
  • and on Fridays - contemplate, discuss, debate and create?
  • Guess I better add Saturdays for civic affairs!
Who knows what our world will be like in 30 years? 

We’ll keep on target, ensuring that the Science Center remains an integral part of the Salish Sea community, a hub for learning and for modeling sustainable behaviors … a place where old and young share, talk and make a difference so that orcas and humans continue to co-evolve in the Salish Sea.

- Anne Murphy, Executive Director 

This is the final of our 30 stories celebrating 30 years. We hope these stories have illuminated some of our history and sparked your imagination for the future. We sure have had fun reminiscing and looking at old pictures.

We invite you to make a contribution of $30 to celebrate 30 years, or increase your impact and give more. All funds support the Future Fund to keep the PTMSC going strong. Donate online or call (360) 385-5582, ext. 104, or send a check to 532 Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA 98368.

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  1. Perhaps your goals for the next 30 could include reaching out to involve urban, disenfranchised, or youth of color to become aware of and connected to the importance of our Seas to each of us on the planet.
    It would also be nice to see PTMSC becoming engaged in the Social Media conversation - joining networks to share passion and information across boundaries, become part of the Great Conversations that are occurring across a multitude of new media platforms, really become a non-profit that will engage with people on so many levels (including donating time and money for scholarships and your programs.
    Jane Harris Nelson


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