Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rhody Parade with Mammoth

In 2000, the NHE building was an abandoned, poorly lit unused space with a rotten floor.  But we were in the process of planning its future exhibits and had our minds full of geology, glaciers and mammoths. Several of us thought it might be fun to have a giant mammoth in the Rhody Parade but we didn’t have the vaguest idea of how to make one.  Enter Lisa Bottomley Mabelle, paper artist extraordinaire. One quick brainstorming session led to a small sketch which grew and grew and grew.
With the help of donated brown wrapping paper from the PT Paper Company, many volunteers highly experienced in tearing paper and lots of ingenious structure-building by Lisa, a magnificent mammoth emerged that fit perfectly over Richard Inman’s van. Since the mammoth “hair” obscured the van’s windshield, driving it in the parade required navigators walking on both sides of the van, to make sure no one was run over.
After the parade, the mammoth was fed into a bonfire, to make it truly extinct.
                                                                        --Libby Palmer

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  1. That mammoth design surely covers the whole part of the truck window. Can the driver see the road that clearly?

  2. If ever I see that car on the road with windscreens of a mammoth, I don't know what my reaction will be. Maybe I will stop and take some pictures of it.


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