Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Legacy of Volunteers at the PTMSC

The Star Docents of PTMSC at the Volunteer Enrichment 
Series Potluck with AmeriCorps Jamie Landry (center) 
From left: Betty Petrie, Jan North, Moh O’Hanlon, 
and Alethea Westlund.
If you asked any staff member, current or past, “What do the volunteers at PTMSC mean to you?” you would surely hear a deeply personal answer. We all know what it means to volunteer our time to one cause or another—however when someone steps foot into the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, the meaning of a volunteer experience is surely changed. Whether you are helping campers seine for fish at the Fort Worden beaches, sampling our waters for harmful algal blooms, inspiring visitors in our Marine and Natural History Exhibits, or responding to stranded marine mammal calls, the opportunities to contribute to the mission of PTMSC are endless.
In order to celebrate and strengthen our volunteer program, PTMSC held its first-ever Volunteer Enrichment Series this past spring. Over the course of 2 ½ months, volunteers were educated, engaged, and challenged through interactive sessions on topics of interpretation. They discovered how to find their voice—how to inspire conservation in meaningful and personal ways. I had the pleasure of leading this series and was fortunate enough to see firsthand, just how dedicated our volunteers are to helping us fulfill our mission. Although I have only been around for a short while, that was all it took for me to develop a genuine appreciation of our wonderful volunteers.
People from all walks of life dedicate their minds, hearts, and spirits to Inspiring Conservation of the Salish Sea. This organization could never stand as strongly as it does, it certainly would not have transcended the past 30 years, and would not be able to move into the future with passion and inspiration if it weren’t for truly irreplaceable and invaluable volunteers. A special thanks you all of you who volunteer from the PTMSC Staff.
By Jamie Landry, 2012 AmeriCorps

This is one of 30 reasons to give $30 to celebrate 30 years. Or increase your impact and give more. All funds support the Future Fund to keep the PTMSC going strong. Donate online or call (360) 385-5582, ext. 104, or send a check to 532 Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA 98368.

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