Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Workshop: “Understanding Climate Change”

Saturday, November 10, 2012
For educators serving teachers and students in grades 6-10
Cost: $50; includes curriculum, lunch, clock hours and admission to the Port Townsend Marine Science Center 
For an application, click here

Correlated to the EALRs,
Next Generation Science Standards,
and Common Core Language Arts Standard

Teachers will experience curriculum that develops deep understanding of climate change using a wide variety of formats:
  • pre-assessment of student knowledge and misconceptions
  • engaging, hands-on science experiments that collect and analyze CO2 in the air, human breath, auto exhaust and a vinegar/baking soda reaction
  • an interactive model that effectively demonstrates the Greenhouse Effect
  • critical analysis of articles and current data leading to scientific discourse
  • among students, enabling them to see these issues from different points of view
  • first-hand experience with a variety of interactive web pages from NOAA and NASA
  • exemplars of student research on current climate-related issues, presented at a mock global conference
  • student-centered solutions to a number of complex issues stemming from a warming planet

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