Friday, February 1, 2013

Annual Membership Meeting features Climate Change: Facts, Fiction...Our Future

Saturday, February 9th 
4 p.m. 
Port Townsend Yacht Club  
Our Executive Director, Anne Murphy, will provide a State of the PTMSC, a 15-minute program featuring a review of 2012 and plans for 2013.  

Then we'll have a presentation from Laura Tucker, Climate Change: Fact, Fiction, ... Future. Laura is a leader with Al Gore's Climate Reality Network and a nationally-recognized science educator for 35 years.
Laura has refined this presentation into three components:
- the facts and science behind the the warming taking place on our planet.  
- some of the myths promoted by the deniers, and the  science
and reasoning to explain the misconceptions.  
- examples of positive changes being made both locally,  nationally and worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions
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