Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Water, Water Everywhere: It's A WaterWorld!

During the last week of April, students from across Washington state gathered at Fort Worden for WaterWorld, a week-long arts and science camp run by Centrum in collaboration with the Port Townsend Marine Science Center. The week is filled with art, dance, and writing activities, as well as science classes taught by Science Center staff. Our role was to help students understand how marine and terrestrial habitats are connected by watersheds.

Examining bull kelp at low tide 
The highlight of the week-long camp was Expedition Day, where campers journeyed through the forest, across meadows, and along the beach to discover the variety of aquatic habitats in and around Fort Worden. Sightings included bald eagles, tadpoles, seals, and crabs. After identifying and learning about the animals they had seen, some students paused to draw or write about their expedition day discoveries. All students participated in a showcase at the end of the week, where they presented skits, poems, dances, and the artistic journals they produced in class and on the expedition.

How many animals can fit under a rock?
I enjoyed the opportunity to share both my love of science and art with many different campers  and seeing their enjoyment of relating their experience in the natural world using artistic mediums was incredibly rewarding. Art is a wonderful way to reach new audiences and to help inspire a lifelong wonder at the world around us, and I am always glad to include it in science education. Learn more about WaterWorld and see more photos.

Photos by Nancy Isreal

CAROLYN WOODS is the Natural History Exhibit and Volunteer Educator and an AmeriCorps Member serving at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center.

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