Tuesday, November 7, 2017

PTMSC's Amazing Volunteers, Part 1

The Port Townsend Marine Science Center is focusing on our impressive volunteer corps during the month of November 2017. Here is our first mini-profile, written by AmeriCorps Marine Science Educator James Swanson.

Jo Ferrero is one of our great volunteers and we are so fortunate to have her passion and dedication. She has been volunteering with the PTMSC since May of 2016 in all types of activities. Jo is a Marine Exhibit docent, Sound Toxins volunteer and helps out with fundraising events. 

Jo collecting water samples for Sound Toxins.

When asked what inspires her to conserve the Salish Sea, Jo took me outside and said, “Well, just look at it!"

Then we walked down to the floating dock and she showed me a fried-egg jelly that had drifted in, which we both admired. Jo has a deep passion for the natural beauty of the Salish Sea. 

A fun fact about Jo is that her Favorite Marine Animal is the sea otter because, “They are just so cute!" That, and she also understands their crucial role as a keystone species that eats sea urchins and other invertebrates that graze on giant kelp.

Fried-egg jelly

During the month of December, the Port Townsend Marine Science Center is raising money to support place-based, people powered, hands-on learning.Your donation will help fund activities that inspire, such as youth summer camps, beach walks, touchable tide pools, and tours of the Orca Exhibit. Please send your gift or donate online at www.ptmsc.org by December 31st to receive a tax deduction.

Interested in becoming a PTMSC volunteer and working alongside inspired volunteers like Jo Ferrero? Fill out our Volunteer Application! Questions? Contact Volunteer Coordinator Gabriele Sanchez at 360-385-5582 X 120, or send an email to volunteer@ptmsc.org.


  1. PTMSC does not care what its volunteers think about policies or procedures, or how programs are conducted. It is fortunate to have a number of great volunteers, but it is truly not interested in what they think about the organization's course, when it comes to setting it. It still provides a great service to the community, but it could be better. If it wanted to be better.

  2. Jo is such a knowledgeable and talented volunteer! Her expertise as a docent, with the Gray Whale bones, and other projects is so valued by everyone at PTMSC. Thank you, Jo!

  3. Jo is an amazing volunteer!

  4. Volunteers are the heart and soul of the PTMSC. The organization was started by volunteers and continues to depend on volunteers for critical functions from board members to docents to animal caregivers to citizen scientists. We are honored to have over 200 volunteers annually who give generously of their time, their talents, and their great ideas. The board (all volunteers) strives to set policies, procedures, and programs with input from volunteers, staff, visitors, participants, and the community. The organization seeks to provide an outstanding volunteer experience and are always open to hearing feedback. The door is always open.
    --Wendy Feltham, Board President


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