Monday, December 28, 2020

Resolutions for a Healthier Salish Sea

Here at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center we're getting ready for the new year by sharing our resolutions. Year-round, we commit to making the Salish Sea a healthier and happier place for all to experience. Whether you are a curious human or a hungry octopus, the Salish Sea should be ready for you to enjoy! Do you have a New Year’s resolution for the Salish Sea? Share it with us by emailing it to Meghan Slocombe, the Citizen Science Educator AmeriCorps member, at Read on for a glimpse at what our staff are doing this year…

Reduce, reuse (and reuse again), recycle

The order of those words are important and our staff are not losing sight of that. First, we are finding ways to reduce the resources we use. Then we are reusing the items we do have. And finally, when we’ve exhausted all reuses of an item, we are recycling them! Sure it’s a process, but who doesn’t enjoy getting creative and finding new uses for that stained t-shirt (turned cropped tank turned rag)?! Our staff are committing to buying less, buying more sustainably, and using things until they can be used no more.

To find more ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle check out these resources:

Here are some ways our team is planning to reduce, reuse, and recycle: 

Molly Shea, Museum Educator AmeriCorps member, is going to use less plastic by making her own soaps, cleaners, and makeup
Molly Shea, Museum Educator AmeriCorps member, is going to use less plastic
by making her own soaps, cleaners, and makeup. 
Betsy Carlson, Citizen Science Coordinator, plans to use less plastic this year. 
Diane Quinn, Program Director, is going to use less water every day. 
Carolyn Woods, Education Coordinator, plans to find  more reusable items. 
Erin Merklein, PTMSC Intern, is going to upcycle more. 
Brian Kay, Marketing and Development Coordinator, is going to skip fast fashion this year. 
Deb Diner, Administrative Specialist, is going to buy an electric car. 
Dorit Nowicki-Liss, Aquarium Educator AmeriCorps member,
is going to go zero waste and offset her carbon. 

Eat more sustainable (and tasty) food!

At PTMSC we know that our environment is more connected than ever. That means that even what we eat impacts the Salish Sea. Many of our staff have decided to begin a culinary adventure this year by committing to eat more local food and less meat. 

Interested in starting your own journey towards becoming the Top Chef of sustainable and local food? Check out these websites:

Eat Local First, a map of Washington state’s local farms, shops, and markets 

New York Times, 51 quick and easy vegetarian recipes

Happy Cow, this website helps you find local restaurants with vegan and vegetarian options. Sure this doesn’t require you to cook, but who doesn’t love supporting local restaurants?

Gabriele Sanchez, Volunteer and Programs Coordinator, is going to join a Community Supported Agriculture program.
Liesl Slabaugh, Marketing and Development Director, is going to eat less meat. 
Holly Weinstein, Volunteer Program Educator AmeriCorps member, is going to eat more vegan and vegetarian meals. 

Let’s talk wildlife!

PTMSC staff never stop thinking about our wildlife. (We’ve got some pretty cute reminders in our aquarium. *cough* Juvenile pinto abalone. *cough* Tiny the giant Pacific octopus. *cough* ALL the fish.) So some of us decided that we’d spend the year caring and learning for the wildlife of the Salish Sea.

If you’re also looking to get a bit more wild...or at least connect with more wildlife, check out these sites:

iNaturalist, a website where you can log your own animal, plant, and fungi observations and explore what others have seen nearby.

An Encyclopedia of Salish Sea and Puget Sound species, this site is maintained by the University of Washington and the Puget Sound Institute and contains all sorts of information on the critters of the Salish Sea.

PTMSC’s YouTube, missing all your PTMSC aquarium buddies? Swing through our YouTube page and find videos of some of our fan favorites.

Meghan-Grace Slocombe, Citizen Science Educator AmeriCorps member, is going to learn to identify more animals and plants of the Salish Sea.
Phil Dinsmore, Facilities Coordinator, is going to help keep our aquarium critters happy. 

We hope our New Year’s resolutions have inspired you to think about taking action to help conserve the Salish Sea this upcoming year. From all of the staff and critters at PTMSC, we wish you a happy New Year!

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