Saturday, May 2, 2009

Homecrew Featured in PDN Article

Jennifer Jackson, a reporter from Peninsula Daily News, recently visited our Marine Exhibit to interview our Thursday Home Crew Volunteers. She watched each volunteer meticulously clean and took notes about the interesting animals we must clean around! During her visit, a kindergarten class from Grant Street Elementary School came through the exhibit for a tour. Homecrew volunteers kept chugging along though they stopped to interact with many of the children. In her article, Jackson quotes Bill Dengler answer a question posed by one of the kindergartners. The child asked, "Why do you have to clean?" He said, "If we didn't do this, you wouldn't be able to look into the tank and see the fish and the fish wouldn't be able to look out and see you."

Click here to read the whole article! We love all of our volunteers, especially the ones willing to put on our stinky gloves!

We can always use more help! We have a variety of volunteer opportunities. To learn more please email Jean Walat our volunteer coordinator at

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