Monday, October 12, 2009

Killer Whale sightings from PTMSC!

It was a normal beautiful Saturday morning at the marine science center and Jess, Julia, Jon and myself were busy cleaning tanks. At about 10:30 Chrissy called us and told us that we may pick up some Killer Whales sounds on our hydrophones. So we turned up the hydrophone really loud and went back to work not very hopeful. Then suddenly we heard some whistles and pops! We all looked at each other and dropped our gloves and cleaning objects and ran out the door. There, in the distance 3-4 Killer Whales were swimming by! They had just turned around Point Wilson. After much screaming and excitement we ran inside and got binoculars and cameras! The pictures don't truly do these beautiful creatures justice but it is proof that we witnessed their passing through Admiralty Inlet.
What a lucky boat huh?

The same day the Wildlife Art Festival was happening and Killer Whales were heard and seen by many excited people. All day long people were coming into the marine exhibit and the natural history exhibit expressing their excitement about the Killer Whales. It was a very thrilling day for all of us!
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peace. love. whales.
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  1. ...ANd the PTMSC Fall Migration Cruisers got better than ringside seats as L and K pods steamed past Point Wilson and our boat on their way south after the kings! Some folks on board had cameras with big lenses so I hope they send us their photos. We could ID the whales by the whites of their eyes, we were that close (and for a long time.)

    We had a terrific cruise (and that's the second time Ive been on board when we turned our bird watch into a whale watch. You just never know what you'll see on a PTMSC Cruise.)

    Karen De


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