Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 2 Orca Articulation

Week 2 of the orca articulation is rapidly coming to an end and things are really beginning to come together (literally).
Can you see the bubbles floating around?  Silicone and bubble soap are used to fill in between each vertebrae; the silicone serves as the filler while the slippery bubble soap allows our nimble-fingered volunteers to mold the sticky silicone into the specific shape we want. Don't worry, the skeleton won't be emitting bubbles for perpetuity;  Libby, Chrissy and I just couldn't resist a little after-work fun... 

Eliza and Chloe Dawson took on the important task of "mapping the curve" for the position of the skeleton:

The pipe was then bent to match the created curve and vertebrae were drilled and assembled onto the pipe:

Work on the flippers and skull is continuing to move forward with great progress.  Finished products will be highlighted in later blog posts.
Linda Dacon and Deanna Pindell in the workshop

Glenn Waldenberg and Darryl Hrenko have been working on the tail portion of the skeleton.  See and hear about Glenn's experience in his video interview below.

Can't wait to see what we will  be working on next!

Heather Jones
Orca Project Coordinator

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  1. Very interesting never new how they are put together. Thanks for putting this out for the world to see your work.


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