Saturday, January 1, 2011

You know you work at PTMSC when...

A running series of jokes around here go something like this:
"You know you work at PTMSC when: smell like orca"'re routinely covered in marine goop
..... the "milkshake" you prepare with greatest frequency is one that consists of krill, fish, kelp and sea water know what marine invertebrate DEATH smells like

As humorous and true as these are, today, I'm feeling profoundly grateful for one of the other attributes of our job here:

You know you work at PTMSC when you see stunningly beautiful views nearly every day of work:
December sunrise over the Marine Science Center
Mt. Rainier peeking over the horizon,
as seen from the pier
The Cascade range on a winter afternoon
The mountains and moon behind the MSC
Mt. Baker basking in alpenglow 
Even after the magical, warm glow of the sun has left,
the clouds are still pretty incredible

I know that it will be these views (captured by my very basic camera), and the accompanying feelings of awe and gratitude that will stick in my memory the longest, even though they may be less distinctively pungent than that fishy slurry we call a "milkshake"! 

For many reasons, this is an incredibly special place to work.

Happy New Year! 
Jess Swihart
Natural History Exhibit Coordinator

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