Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coming Soon – Hope’s Story

a sneak peak at the new exhibit scheduled to open September 29
In yesterday’s blog you learned how the community helped assemble Hope’s skeleton.  Now you must be wondering - when can you see it displayed it in its full splendor and learn her story?

The answer is very soon!

September 29 is opening day for a new exhibit we’re calling Learning From Orcas – The Story of Hope.  We want you to be surprised so I’m not divulging too much, but suffice it to say you will be moved.

Her story has joyful elements and deeply troubling elements. PTMSC has moved into taking a stronger advocacy and awareness-building position for Salish Sea health largely because of what we have learned from working with Hope.

As we look forward to our next 30 years, we realize that the time is now to make a difference and we want all our guests to know they can have a role in turning the tide on the declining health of our marine waters. This exhibit will help you find your role.

- Anne Murphy, Executive Director 

This is one of 30 reasons to give $30 to celebrate 30 years. Or increase your impact and give more. All funds support the Future Fund to keep the PTMSC going strong. Donate online or call (360) 385-5582, ext. 104, or send a check to 532 Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA 98368.

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  1. So looking forward to the exhibit! Glad we're not waiting any longer. Beautiful Hope must be seen in her entirety and her story must be told for all to learn! Mary Ann Shaffer


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