Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Opening the Natural History Exhibit

            The collaboration with the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture began when I found the whale skull in 1991. A very long time passed before the renovated pier building (now the Marine Exhibit), and the newly remodeled Natural History opened—10 years to be exact.
Cutting the ribbon to the new NHE in 2001 (l to r),
Cleave Pennix, Director of Washington State Parks,
Rachel Gaspers, PTMSC Board President,
Roxanna Augustiny, Acting Director of the
Burke Museum and John Begley, CEO of
the Port Townsend Paper Company.
            Bringing the ideas together and making them into reality is a story full of highs and lows, confrontations and soul-searching, but our undisputed love of the PTMSC prevailed.
            I worked three terms as the board president, alongside an extremely hard-working, dedicated board and staff, full of all-stars and people with vision. Keeping the idea of building the NHE alive when faced with all the realities involved, made that day at the end of September 2001, a beautiful miracle.
            The little whale who started it all is now displayed quietly in the Ancient Whale case, just to the right as you enter the NHE. Come see this piece of PTMSC’s history.

      By Rachel Gaspers, former PTMSC Board President

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