Monday, July 2, 2012

PTMSC’s First Beach Seine and First Octopus

Our co-founders are not only scientists, but they have an 
artistic side too. Occasionally, you can catch them singing 
and playing music together.
            In the summer of 1982, when Judy D’Amore and Libby Palmer were first envisioning the PTMSC, they decided to do a fish seine with a group of students. They were blown away by what was caught…rockfish, large perch, sea pens, and an octopus! Most of the fish were let go since they didn’t have aquariums large enough to house them. 

            Judy and Libby tried to keep the octopus in a tank, but in the middle of the night it crawled out and died from lack of water before they could get to it in the morning.

Hoping to solve the problem of how to keep an octopus in the water, they were delighted when someone finally donated a large round tank with a lid that could by tightly secured. With that solution, they were able to seine again and catch an octopus that could live in the tank for the rest of the summer. This allowed the two women to teach their students about our local octopus, their habitat and their eating patterns.

As time passed and the PTMSC grew, the octopus became our iconic symbol.

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