Friday, November 22, 2013

Share the Joy of the Salish SEAson

Tired of the shopping frenzy? Looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your gifting?
Consider making a gift in honor of your loved ones as a way of sharing the Joy of the Salish SEAson.  

Here is what your gift can buy:

·         $10 - runs tank for a month to study how to help endangered pinto abalone recover
·         $25 - supplies a volunteer to test tissue of marine mammals for harmful plasticizers
·         $32 - supports one “seal sitter” to educate the public and protect a stranded seal pup for one day
·         $64 - feeds the aquarium animals for a week
·         $125 - scholarship for a summer camp experience for a low-income child

Simply click here to Share the Joy of the Salish SEAson

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