Monday, December 23, 2013

A Crabby Christmas Tale

‘Twas a Saturday Homecrew, 
like almost all others
Hustle and bustle, 
with scrubbers and buffers

The siphons all strung, 
out and about
The tanks to be cleaned, 
inside and out.

The gloves were pulled up,
all over their hands
Attempting to keep clean, their fingers from sand.

And Danae with her scrubber, 
and me in accord
Had just begun the process 
to maintain the tanks we adored.

When at the staff door, 
we all heard such a clatter,
We rushed over to find 
what was the matter.

When what to our 
wondering eyes we did see,
But a man holding a crab 
as big as can be.

The question arose to 
what that was in the lab,
and I knew in a moment, 
it was a dead Puget Sound King Crab.

More rapid than waves, 
the curiosity came
As we quickly exclaimed, 
and called them by name: 

Now Maddie, now abalone, 
Now sculpin, Now Inky
On Pisaster, On Solaster, 
And even, on you, dear Pinky

To the top of the tanks, 
To the sides of the walls
Now splash away, 
splash away, 
splash away all

For those who haven’t seen
 this wonderful sight,
This isn’t the Science Center’s 
only crab delight.

The color it lacks, 
it’s pigment is missing
An albino Dungeness 
is worth reminiscing.

Families alike spring to your sleigh, 
and give us a visit
Open the weekend after Christmas, 
Come see our wonderful exhibit!

You shall hear us exclaim, 
doors open and lights shining bright
“Happy holidays to all, 
science is such a delight!”

By AmeriCorps Volunteer: Shannon Phillips

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