Thursday, March 4, 2021

Water World Online: April 26-30


Water World Online, a dynamic collaboration between Centrum and the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, is filled with activities and projects that expand and enhance elementary students’ experience of the marine world through the lenses of both science and art.

In collaboration with artists, scientists, and peers from across the state, students integrate scientific investigations with creative writing and visual art. The result is a multi-faceted, full immersion online learning experience.

Students work in small groups that rotate through a variety of interactive classes and labs. Each day offers a mix of both scientific and artistic workshops. The group size is small to allow for maximum personal attention and engagement.

Classes will be grounded in scientific studies and current issues about the Puget Sound and Salish Sea. These place-based lessons will be used to connect students to their local ecosystems state-wide through readily applied concepts such as water quality, watershed conservation, and developing awareness of the importance of wild, undamaged habitats and how to live in better harmony with nature.

Through a combination of online classes, at-home labs and experiments, and optional local field trips, students learn to work as scientists—exploring nature outside in their own neighborhood; studying plankton and invertebrate through online lessons; and drawing and writing to keenly observe and explore fish, birds, wildlife, invertebrates, waves, wind, and other natural features.

How does it work?
For this program, student groups of 4 to 6 sign up from their school or organization. Larger groups may be accommodated – contact Becky Berryhill for more information (

Every student will receive a package in the mail before the program begins, with all of the supplies needed to participate in the classroom and at-home activities. Students will log in for two Zoom classes every day to learn about and practice marine science, writing, and visual arts. Later in the day, students will partake in at-home experiments and activities, and share their artistic creations and scientific findings with their classmates and artist faculty with daily check-ins and a private online message board. 

For more information and to register, check out Centrum's Water World website.

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